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Decolonize Our Museums!

Support artists of color!

Decolonize Our Museums is organizing a panel for the 100th New England Museum Association Conference! "Power of Protest: When the People Curate" We are fundraising honorarium and travel expenses for our panelists most of whom are community organizers and culture workers. Help raise $1,500 to advance culture work led by POC! Donate today!

Housing Justice


“It is that time of year folks....this year we are hosting out our 5th Annual Expo on Saturday Sept 15 from 12pm to 5pm. We are continuing to build on the theme of family, community, business and our youth!” See the Facebook event for more details.


Join Right to the City, Keep it 100, Reclaim Roxbury, Boston Tenant Coalition, Dorchester Not for Sale, City Life/Vida Urbana, and Fenway CDC for the Homes for All Assembly! “Tired of neighbors, friends and family getting displaced? Think the rent is too damn high? Tired of widespread luxury development? Then JOIN US for a Boston assembly to build a people's plan!” See the Facebook event for more details. Light lunch, child care, and interpretation provided.


Please take a minute to sign this petition! “There are 20 single-occupancy rooms and one apartment in this building. The residents are people of color earning modest livings; in Boston's overheated housing market, other apartments in the area are unaffordable.” Support these brave renters who are defending themselves alongside CLVU in court!

Support women facing eviction at Our Lady’s Guild House

CALL realtor Marc Roos's office at (617) 236-8600 and ask him to stop the unjust evictions of these elders. Simply ask Roos to stop the pending no-fault evictions at Our Lady's Guild House. Fill out this form to let CLVU know you called. SHARE THE PETITION link on Facebook and Twitter (and sign the petition!) so that we can reach 1,500 signatures!: Use the hashtags #StopRuthlessRoos and #KickTheEvictionHabit in your social media posts.

Immigration Justice


As the administration fails to meet the court-ordered deadline to reunite all families separated by the Zero Tolerance immigration policy, we say (abridged):

We demand that every migrant family separated by this administration be reunited and released from incarceration. We demand that the families receive support and justice for the trauma inflicted by our government. We stand against the criminalization and dehumanization of immigrant families.

We are launching a national rolling hunger strike in solidarity with migrant families who are still separated and/or incarcerated. Community members in one city after another will step up to fast for a few days at a time. As the fast ends in one city, it will pick up in another. We will continue our hunger strike and other solidarity actions until our demand is met.

**You do NOT have to fast/hunger strike in order to participate in this event!**
**You do not have to attend the whole day! Sign up for a time slot by yourself or with a team!**

Boston will strike on September 6 at the South Bay Detention Center, 40 Bradston St in Boston. We will be based at the area below the bridge, where the detainees can see us but ICE is less likely to hassle us. Unfortunately the location is NOT kid friendly.

jericho walks in burlington, ma

Jericho Walks are a silent interfaith prayer and act of solidarity. The walks draw inspiration from the Battle of Jericho, in which the community marched around the city of Jericho seven times, causing the city walls to fall. The Jericho Walk of today is a silent, peaceful, and prayerful walk to bring down the walls of our unjust immigration system and is open to people of all or no faiths. These walks are planned by Burlington Area Clergy 4 Justice (A.K.A. BAC4 Justice... don't you love it!?) and take place at the ICE Field Office in Burlington, MA. They will be happening on the following Tuesday afternoons:
• September 25
• October 16
• November 20
• December 18

Contact Laura Wagner at for more information.

#justice4siham fundraiser

The #Justice4Siham campaign has been working tirelessly to reunite activist Siham Byah, who was deported to Morocco, with her son Naseem who is still here in the US and struggling with depression. He is in desperate need of counseling to cope with the trauma brought upon him by ICE. Please consider donating to and sharing the GoFundMe page, and checking out a video about the fundraising campaign.

no business with ice

ICE is terrorizing immigrants at the border and in our communities. We can fight back by refusing to be complicit with institutions that cooperate with ICE. Sign the pledge here.

Beyond Bond & Legal Defense Fund

More than 1,000 people are held by ICE every year in South Bay House of Correction in Boston. Some are from our local communities, others are sent to South Bay from the border and have no family or friends in Boston, but everyone in ICE jail is cut off from community support, legal recourse, and basic human rights. The new fund bonds our neighbors out of detention so they can be reunited with their families and have a chance to fight deportation. Please help us raise $100,000 over the next two months. Organized by the Boston Immigrant Justice Accompaniment Network (BIJAN, pronounced "Beyond"). Donate and get more information.

Centro Presente needs volunteers

Centro Presente needs volunteer ESL and Citizenship teachers. Email Meredith Gamble at to get involved!

Boston Immigrant Justice Accompaniment Network

Support those caught up in the harm of our racist immigration system. Sign up. Please join us in taking action by ensuring members of our communities have the resources they need to fight their deportations and stay connected to their families. You can donate and share.

ResidencyNow! RAlly

Friday, September 7, 2-3:30 pm, John Harvard Statue, Harvard campus

"Immigrant workers are threatened with detention and deportation by ICE. Incarcerated workers are on a #NationalPrisonStrike. Families are separated by these institutions. " Harvard TPS coalition says the answer is Residency, NOW! Join Harvard TPS for a rally this coming Friday!

Prison Abolition

#DEEPERTHANWATER CALL IN - heat emergency!

Another week of record temperatures in MA has our friends and family inside suffering in temperatures in excess of 90 degrees. #DeeperThanWater demands that Governor Baker instruct the Department of Public Health to implement a 75 degree year round temperature, mirroring state regulations governing long term care facilities. Use this script to call every day through Monday and demand humane conditions for prisoners! Be sure to comment on the original post because it gets more people to see it.


Monday, September 17, 6-8 pm - register for political education here
Community Change, Inc., SURJB, and #DeeperThanWater are teaming up with John Donner, a veteran prisoner organizer, "that takes a deeper look at laws governing the working class-- more specifically, convicts, prisoners, and ex-prisoners-- and how they've stopped the labor movement from becoming a vehicle for uniting all groups of workers as one strata."

Court Watch

We're looking for court watchers who want to challenge culture of white supremacy and punishment in our courts. Court Watch MA is a collective effort led by Families for Justice as Healing, ACLU, National Lawyers Guild, Massachusetts Bail Fund, and MA Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Register for a training & find information.

Stop CMR483: Keep Families/Friends in Touch With Incarcerated Loved Ones

The Massachusetts DOC has implemented a new regulation limiting the number of visitors and only if they are on a pre-approved visitor list. Sign the Petition Against Visitation Rights Restraints.

Black & Pink Volunteer Drop In

Times are drop in/drop out, so come for as long or little as you'd like. You will need a laptop. Come read prisoners' letters, learn about their struggles, and help out the Black and Pink family!

Movement for Black Lives

BLM Boston Giving Campaign

BLM Boston is in need of funds to assist real folks (3 families) who have emergency needs and are displaced right now. "We can help them into permanent housing but need your help. Our need is $3,675.00 (total to help these 3 families)." PAYPAL for donations is For longer range, recurring support join Campaign21 which moves us from emergency, crises driven giving to solidarity sustained giving.

Public Education

Petition to demand PILOT Payments

A petition calling for our mayor and city councilors to demand our institutional neighbors contribute to the future of ours schools and community. Institutions such as Harvard, Northeastern, BC, BU which together neglected to pay $36 million in PILOT payments and continue to underpay. Sign the petition!

Educate Yourself

Community Change Inc.

SURJ Boston is a project of Community Change Inc (CCI), a Boston-based organization shining a spotlight on the roots of racism in white culture with the intention of dealing with racism at its source.


Saturday, October 27, 9:30am-3:30pm, Regis College
early bird $75 / full $125 / student $15 (with ID) - purchase AROS tickets

join with others who are committed to racial justice, equity, and inclusion at the Anti-Racism Organizing in the Suburbs (AROS) MetroWest symposium. Gain knowledge about structural racism, share strategies about anti-racist campaigns, and strengthen local anti-racism organizing efforts.

Knapsack Anti-Racism Group

Join Knapsack for more information:

White People Challenging Racism

Moving From Talk to Action: Find classes and Sign up on the WPCR website

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