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Power of Protest: When the People Curate

Decolonize Our Museums is organizing a panel for the 100th New England Museum Association Conference. Thanks in part to your donations, they have met their goal to cover baseline expenses and will be able to attend! They have added a stretch goal of an additional $850 (only about $400 to go!) to ensure that our participants will enjoy a meal during and back, and any other incidentals and expenses. Support artists and community organizers of color holding our cultural institutions accountable!

Rally for transgender rights at city hall plaza today, Sunday october 28 at 1 PM

"The rights of transgender people are on the line, please come join us at Boston City Hall Plaza at 1:00pm for a rally to help fight against transgender discrimination."

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Housing Justice


"Our neighbor in Roxbury has received an eviction execution for 11/1. Will you sign this letter calling on her landlord to cancel the eviction? Please circulate widely!" Sign the petition here and share it!


Come to CLVU (284 Amory St) at 7pm on Tuesday 10/30 for a Halloween march! Real estate greed is killing our community - but we're rising up! Wear your costume! Any costume is great, but if you can, dress up as a real estate investor! We'll celebrate Halloween and Día de Los Muertos. We'll march out of the JP Brewery Complex at 284 Amory St. through the JP/Rox redevelopment area, telling ghost stories of evictions and flipped homes. We'll have music and flyers to share with neighbors. ALL OUT!

Support renters at 6 Humphreys Place in Dorchester

On Friday 10/5, City Life held an amazing rally with musicians from HONK! in solidarity with the courageous Dorchester rooming house renters fighting no-fault eviction. Greg Joseph McCarthy wants to "clear out" the entire building! #BackOffMcCarthy ! Please sign the petition to support the renters here and see photos from the event here.


Keep calling and signing the petition! It’s at over 1200 signatures so far; help it get to 1500! CALL realtor Marc Roos's office at (617) 236-8600 and ask him to stop the unjust evictions of these elders. Simply ask Roos to stop the pending no-fault evictions at Our Lady's Guild House. Fill out this form to let CLVU know you called. Use the hashtags #StopRuthlessRoos and #KickTheEvictionHabit in your social media. Support women facing eviction at Our Lady’s Guild House.

Immigration Justice

TOMORROW: Boston shuts down sessions

Monday 10/29 at 11 AM at the Omni Parker House in Boston. "US Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be in Boston on Monday, speaking about "The Future of Religious Liberty" at an event hosted by the Federalist Society. Sessions has been at the forefront of criminalizing and stripping rights from immigrants, queer & trans folks, Muslims, and communities of color. Let's make sure he hears us loud and clear: he and his values are not welcome in Boston!"


The Trump administration's recent policy changes including repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), non-renewal of temporary protected status (TPS), child separation at the border, and travel ban of individuals from predominantly Muslim countries and the newly announced public charge policy have left the lives of hundreds of thousands of immigrants in a state of profound uncertainty. This forum will provide up-to-date information on these critical policy changes, how they are affecting our neighbors in JP and across Massachusetts, and how we can work together to push a progressive immigration agenda for Massachusetts. It will be from 7-9pm on November 13 at the Curley School Auditorium, 493 Centre St., JP.

--Jose Palma, Coordinator, Massachusetts TPS Committee (non-renewal of TPS)
--Lily Huang, Massachusetts Jobs with Justice (repeal of DACA, challenges faced by undocumented immigrants in Massachusetts)
--Shannon Erwin, Muslim Justice League (travel ban, challenges faced by muslim communities in Massachusetts)
--Heloisa Galvao, Brazilian Women’s Group (the road ahead for reunited families)
--Individuals and/or families from affected communities

Stop CVE Boston

The Youth and Police Initiative Plus (YPIP) is a CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) program funded by the Department of Homeland Security that targets Somali youth (age 13-17) in Boston, unfairly viewing and treating them as susceptible to “extremism.” Two of YPIP’s stated objectives are to “Enhance understanding of the violent extremist threat within the Boston Somali community” and “Build resilience in the Boston Somali community, particularly among youth, to recruitment and participation in violent extremism.” Targeting Somali youth is racist, anti-Muslim, and must end! Read more and sign the petition at: bit.ly/StopYPIP


Come celebrate the Student Immigrant Movement's 13 years of building power and fighting for all #immigrants in MA regardless of their status. Although this year has been full of attacks on our immigrant communities, we mustn't forget that we stand in the power of those before us. Resilient and revolutionary ancestors, mentors, and comrades. November 2, 2018 from 6 to 10 pm, Spinelli's Ballroom at 282 Bennington Street, Boston MA 02108.

Jericho walks in burlington mA

Jericho Walks are a silent interfaith prayer and act of solidarity. The walks draw inspiration from the Battle of Jericho, in which the community marched around the city of Jericho seven times, causing the city walls to fall. The Jericho Walk of today is a silent, peaceful, and prayerful walk to bring down the walls of our unjust immigration system and is open to people of all or no faiths. These walks are planned by Burlington Area Clergy 4 Justice (A.K.A. BAC4 Justice... don't you love it!?) and take place at the ICE Field Office in Burlington, MA. They will be happening on the following Tuesday afternoons:
• November 20
• December 18

Contact Laura Wagner at lwagner@uumassaction.org for more information.

#justice4siham fundraiser

The #Justice4Siham campaign has been working tirelessly to reunite activist Siham Byah, who was deported to Morocco, with her son Naseem who is still here in the US and struggling with depression. He is in desperate need of counseling to cope with the trauma brought upon him by ICE. Please consider donating to and sharing the GoFundMe page, and checking out a video about the fundraising campaign.

no business with ice

ICE is terrorizing immigrants at the border and in our communities. We can fight back by refusing to be complicit with institutions that cooperate with ICE. Sign the pledge.

Centro Presente needs volunteers

Centro Presente needs volunteer ESL and Citizenship teachers. Email Meredith Gamble at mgamble@cpresente.org to get involved!

Boston Immigrant Justice Accompaniment Network

Support those caught up in the harm of our racist immigration system. Sign up. Please join us in taking action by ensuring members of our communities have the resources they need to fight their deportations and stay connected to their families. You can donate and share.

Prison Abolition


Wayland "X" Coleman has tirelessly worked for liberation and prison abolition for the last 21 years, even while doing life without parole on a wrongful conviction. He needs financial support to raise $1500 in legal fees to begin the process of getting a new trial. This is the first step toward bringing Wayland home. http://gofund.me/free-wayland


Times are drop in/drop out, so come for as long or little as you'd like. You will need a laptop. Come read prisoners' letters, learn about their struggles, and help out the Black and Pink family!

Public Education

Petition to demand PILOT Payments

A petition calling for our mayor and city councilors to demand our institutional neighbors contribute to the future of ours schools and community. Institutions such as Harvard, Northeastern, BC, BU which together neglected to pay $36 million in PILOT payments and continue to underpay. Sign the petition!

Movement for Black Lives

Vigil in Support of Black Lives Matter

Thursday, November 1, 5:30-6:30PM, at First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain

BLM Boston Giving Campaign

PAYPAL for donations is m4blmboston@gmail.com. For longer range, recurring support join Campaign21 which moves us from emergency, crises driven giving to solidarity sustained giving.

Educate Yourself

Community Change Inc.

SURJ Boston is a project of Community Change Inc (CCI), a Boston-based organization shining a spotlight on the roots of racism in white culture with the intention of dealing with racism at its source.

Knapsack Anti-Racism Group

Join Knapsack for more information:

White People Challenging Racism

Moving From Talk to Action: Find classes and Sign up on the WPCR website

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