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Public Education

Take action against BPS school closures!

Petition to demand PILOT Payments

A petition calling for our mayor and city councilors to demand our institutional neighbors contribute to the future of ours schools and community. Institutions such as Harvard, Northeastern, BC, BU which together neglected to pay $36 million in PILOT payments and continue to underpay. Sign the petition!

Prison Abolition

Support ARya's Re-entry!

Arya Serenity is the first openly trans woman to transition in a men's prison in Rhode Island. She will be released in January and her comrades in PVD Black and Pink are helping to raise money to get her on her feet. Donate to support Arya's re-entry here!

FIRST 100 DAYS COURT WATCH (Training today)

Training: TODAY, December 16, 5-7 pm, 100R Warren St, Roxbury, RSVP here

On January 2, 2019 District Attorneys will begin a new term in office. We’re launching a First 100 Days Court Watch Project in Suffolk and Middlesex Counties to hold District Attorneys accountable for reducing pre-trial detention and addressing racial disparities. Volunteers will monitor how well prosecutors are living up to their campaign promises and complying with recently passed criminal justice reform. Come be trained and learn how to sign up for shifts in the new year.


Every year, Black & Pink volunteers send thousands of holiday cards to our incarcerated LGBTQ family. Host a card party for your friends, family, congregation, workplace, or community! "Most importantly, the holiday card party you are organizing is about planting a seed of hope. There is strength in hope, and when we fight together, we can win."


Times are drop in/drop out, so come for as long or little as you'd like. You will need a laptop. Come read prisoners' letters, learn about their struggles, and help out the Black and Pink family!

Housing Justice


We are Dorchester residents worried about our community’s future. Join the fight to make sure we ALL can stay in OUR neighborhood! Are you worried that rising rents and home costs will force you to move? What is affordable to you? How do we prevent displacement of ANY current residents as new development explodes in our neighborhood? Come have your voice heard! Childcare and interpretation  in Vietnamese and Cape Verdean Creole Provided.


Ms. Williams has lived in her Mattapan apartment for 40 years and her rent was raised by $400. We will fight alongside Ms. Williams and other CLVU members and take direct action if necessary because she has a right to remain!

check out some videos highlighting city life

NEW!: UPRISE (mini-documentary on CLVU) Part 2: the 1980s
UPRISE (Mini-Documentary on CLVU) Part 1: the 1970sBuilding a Boston People’s Plan

Immigration Justice

Support AARW's organizing to stop Southeast Asian deportations

Two important actions we are called to take today, Dec. 16th!

  1. Sign and share this petition on the US-Vietnam repatriation agreement to stop a policy change that would increase detention and deportation of Vietnamese immigrants and refugees in the U.S.
  2. Make three calls today to demand that Omni Air International stop
    collaboration/participation with ICE in the deportation of 46 Cambodian community members, and cancel the flight scheduled for tomorrow, 12/17. The #s to call are: Rob Cortez, 918-831-3011, Jeff Crippen, 918-833-3885, Patricia Frank, 918-831-3014. See a quick script and more info at

Solidarity with the Central American Exodus

‼️URGENT SUPPORT NEEDED‼️ Our sisters and brothers in the Central American Caravan have been resisting the violence they face in their country and have arrived in Tijuana. We have been actively engaging in supporting the #refugee#caravan #exodus but we need YOUR support! They are currently in need of food, sleeping bags, and blankets! Any #donation helps in making it possible to bring volunteers to the #border to support the #dignity, #respect, and permanent #protection of our migrant families! Please share the GoFundMe among your networks. Donation link here.

Resources and Education About the Migrant Exodus

The Immigration Justice AP has compiled some resources to help you talk with others and build solidarity with the families and individuals migrating from Central America.


ICE is denying bond to people who have pending charges on the grounds that they are "dangerous," and then does not cooperate with local courts to allow people to defend themselves and clear their name because they are in detention. The charge is also used against them in immigration proceedings. This is an egregious undermining of due process that must end. We are currently taking action to support our neighbor, Julio. Please support the fundraiser set up for Julio!


On Tuesdays, call Sheriff Tompkins 617-704-6655 or Tweet @stevenwtompkins.

As part of Suffolk County’s contract with ICE, there are about 190 immigrants jailed in the South Bay Detention Center. Yet Boston has a city ordinance for sanctuary protections of undocumented immigrants. Tell the sheriff’s office that they have the ability to cancel the contract and the responsibility to ensure that all detainees are promptly released.


The Youth and Police Initiative Plus (YPIP) is a CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) program funded by the Department of Homeland Security that targets Somali youth (age 13-17) in Boston, unfairly viewing and treating them as susceptible to “extremism.” Targeting Somali youth is racist, anti-Muslim, and must end! Read more at the link above.

Jericho walks in burlington mA

Burlington Area Clergy 4 Justice (BAC4Justice) organizers Jericho Walks, silent interfaith prayers and acts of solidarity. The walks draw inspiration from the Battle of Jericho, in which the community marched around the city of Jericho seven times, causing the city walls to fall. Join them on these Tuesday afternoons outside the ICE Field Office in Burlington, MA:

• December 18 at 1 PM

Contact Laura Wagner at for more information.


ICE is terrorizing immigrants at the border and in our communities. We can fight back by refusing to be complicit with institutions that cooperate with ICE

Boston Immigrant Justice Accompaniment Network

Movement for Black Lives

BLM Boston Giving Campaign

PAYPAL for donations is For longer range, recurring support join Campaign21 which moves us from emergency, crises driven giving to solidarity sustained giving.

BLM Vigil at First Baptist JP

On Thurday, January 3rd from 5:30 to 6:30PM, in front of the First Baptist Church in JP, 633 Centre St., Jamaica Plain.

Educate Yourself

Community Change Inc.

SURJ Boston is a project of Community Change Inc (CCI), a Boston-based organization shining a spotlight on the roots of racism in white culture with the intention of dealing with racism at its source.

Knapsack Anti-Racism Group

Join Knapsack for more information:

White People Challenging Racism

Moving From Talk to Action: Find classes and Sign up on the WPCR website

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