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Sustained in the Shutdown

We've heard from partners that people in Boston have already had to make hard choices between buying groceries, paying bills, and accessing healthcare due to the impact of the shutdown. Despite the decision to reopen the government for three weeks, the Sustained in the Shutdown campaign is still ongoing because federal workers are still in jeopardy. SURJ Boston is working with 12th Baptist Church, St. John's Missionary Baptist Church, and Rescued Church as well as Black Lives Matter Boston and Violence in Boston Inc. Our goal is to raise at least $50,000 in funds to redistribute to people in need. Our vision is to have distribution centers in every community where people can access support. Please make a donation to the campaign here.


We are now fundraising to cover our 2019 internal expenses (meeting space, accessibility, childcare, etc.). Donations can be made through Network for Good and our parent organization CCI.  Be sure to write “SURJ” in the “purpose of donation” box so that funds can be properly attributed to SURJ.  Please donate to SURJB out of funds separate from what you would give to POC-led partner organizations and campigns or CCI; we don't want to take any resources away from these groups!

Get Involved

Public Education

Petition to demand PILOT Payments

A petition calling for our mayor and city councilors to demand our institutional neighbors contribute to the future of ours schools and community. Institutions such as Harvard, Northeastern, BC, BU which together neglected to pay $36 million in PILOT payments and continue to underpay. Sign the petition!

Immigration Justice

Activist and detainee support

The Boston Immigration Justice Accompaniment Network stands with our friends at No More Deaths, who were recently found guilty of misdemeanor charges in Tucson for leaving food and water in a part of the desert where 155 border crossers are known to have died since 2001 and where countless more have gone missing. No More Deaths is asking everyone who believes that people have the right to receive food, water, and medical care regardless of their documentation status to sign onto their Public Statement of Support, which will be published in a print newspaper ahead of the second round of trials beginning in late February.

Join our network of members fighting the injustice of detention and deportation through rides, donations, letters, advocacy, home hospitality, and much more.  
Join: bit.ly/joinBIJAN | Donate: beyondbondboston.org
Share: bit.ly/BIJANflyer | Host: bit.ly/BIJANhousing

Southeast Asian Deportation 101 Workshop

February 6th at 6 PM. Engage in a workshop that encourages participants to interact with a Southeast Asian history timeline that spans from the war in Southeast Asia to refugee resettlement to the current deportation crisis happening in the Southeast Asian community now. This grounding will help to inform organizing against deportations. Dinner will be provided. Please RSVP here.

MJL Anniversary Party: Be Seen, Not Watched

February 23rd at 8 PM! Muslim Justice League is 4 years old this month and we'd love for you to unplug and celebrate with us! There will be light refreshments, a room with art supplies, an open mic for anyone who wants to perform music, poetry, or share a story - just let us know ahead of time. If you have visual art or materials you'd like to share (or sell) let us know! Tickets are $20 but free for members! Once you sign up for membership, you'll receive the discount code for your free ticket!

Solidarity with the Central American Exodus

‼️URGENT SUPPORT NEEDED‼️ Our sisters and brothers in the Central American Caravan have been resisting the violence they face in their country and have arrived in Tijuana. We have been actively engaging in supporting the #refugee #caravan #exodus but we need YOUR support! They are currently in need of food, sleeping bags, and blankets! Any #donation helps make it possible to bring volunteers to the #border to support the #dignity, #respect, and permanent #protection of our migrant families! Please share the GoFundMe among your networks. Donation link here.

Resources and Education About the Migrant Exodus

The Immigration Justice AP has compiled some resources to help you talk with others and build solidarity with the families and individuals migrating from Central America.


The Boston Police Dept. is engaged in a Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program called Youth and Police Initiative Plus (YPIP) that targets Somali youth ages 13-17, getting them to talk to BPD officers under the indefensible assumption that they are inherently violent. More than 25 organizations signed our letter demanding BPD pull out of YPIP, yet they've continued. Sign the petition above!

Boston Immigrant Justice Accompaniment Network

Movement for Black Lives

BLM Boston Campaign 21

At the end of 2018 BLM Boston, SURJ Boston, and other local organizations raised $2,500 to support a Black woman and child fleeing domestic violence getting settled in a safe situation. Start the new year by being a monthly donor to BLMB to help them create a pool of resources! PAYPAL for one-time donations is m4blmboston@gmail.com.

BLM Vigil at first baptist church JP

On Thursday February 7th from 5:30 to 6:30PM, in front of the First Baptist Church in JP, 633 Centre St., Jamaica Plain.

Housing Justice

Check out photos from #JusticeRide2019 and sign the petition!

City Life/Vida Urbana said NO MORE to huge rent hikes and unjust evictions by Oleg Uritsky of #AdvancedPropertyManagement and other corporate landlords in Boston's low-income neighborhoods of color along the developing Fairmount commuter rail line. Sign the petition for APM tenant Ms. Juliana Williams here.

Prison Abolition


SURJB is working to partially fund meals for Families for Justice as Healing's Participatory Defense weekly sessions. At these sessions, court-involved community members work together to defend themselves against the racist court system! Please note your donation is for Participatory Defense in the "additional info" line. Ongoing need is $75 per week, and any amount helps!


Train to be a court watcher! Court watch happens between 9 am and 12 pm on weekdays, and this is appropriate for someone who can attend court at least once between now and the end of March. The First 100 Days Court Watch Project in Suffolk County is to hold the District Attorney’s Office accountable for reducing pre-trial detention and addressing racial disparities—promises District Attorney Rachael Rollins boldly campaigned on. Her campaign included a do-not-prosecute list, which you can read here. Volunteers sit in the courtroom, observe arraignments, and record what charges are being brought by prosecutors. This data will be collected and shared with DA Rollins. The first training session has been filled, but sign up here to be wait-listed.


Times are drop in/drop out, so come for as long or little as you'd like. You will need a laptop. Come read LGBTQ/HIV+ prisoners' letters, learn about their struggles, and help out the Black and Pink family!

Educate Yourself

SURJ Brunch - Report from the Border with SURJ member Kelley Ready

On February 10th at 12:30 PM, SURJ Member Kelley Ready and possibly others who have recently visited the Texas border will give first hand reports. We hope there will be members of the SURJ Immigration Justice working group to discuss its local work.

This is a potluck so please bring food to share. Beverages will be provided. Email amelie.ratliff@gmail.com to RSVP and for location information.

Anti-Racism Collaborative

Dismantling White Feminism: 2 Part Series

"Dismantling White Feminism: 2 part workshop occurring on February 3rd AND March 3rd from 12 pm to 5 pm each of the two days, will focus on (Session 1) A critical examination of White Feminism through historical, intersectional, and social movement lenses. (Session 2) An interrogation and planning process for allies, accomplices, and the conditions for functioning accountability." More details on the Facebook event page and the EventBrite page.

Community Change Inc.

SURJ Boston is a project of Community Change Inc (CCI), a Boston-based organization shining a spotlight on the roots of racism in white culture with the intention of dealing with racism at its source.

Knapsack Anti-Racism Group

Join Knapsack for more information:

White People Challenging Racism

Moving From Talk to Action: Find classes and Sign up on the WPCR website

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