Get On the Phone This Week!

Get a Racial Justice Agenda Out of Committee!

Make A note, open tabs, and get calling

You'll notice this week almost every box has an ask to call your state senator, state representative, and also heads of specific committees! We suggest you open up the tabs, find your legislators' information, and tell your representatives about each of the issues.

Get your housemates, moms, tinder dates, lunch committees, and everyone to do the same! Where relevant, remember to report back that you called - it helps our partners gauge how many folks they can mobilize.

Get Involved

Fund Black Organizing in Boston

Documenting Violence in Boston's Origin Story

Monica Cannon-Grant has some exciting news to share -- we have commissioned a documentary about Violence in Boston's origin story! This exciting project is going to launch some exciting, huge news about Violence in Boston. They're just under $2000 away - donate on PayPal here!!


BMEN is bringing together straight black men and trans women of color for dinner and conversation on Feb 6!  Right now they can cover 50% of the attendees but we would like to make sure that everyone is fully paid for. Help BMEN fund this important effort! You can donate through PayPal, send to: Contact for more information.

Indigenous Solidarity

MA Indigenous Legislative Agenda

Support the MA Indigenous Legislative Agenda to benefit Indigenous Peoples in MA! Five bills in the legislatures need to be voted out of committee by this Wednesday February 5th.

Email committee members and your representatives to show your support with personalizable auto-generated templates. Show your support for honoring Indigenous People’s Day, protecting Native American heritage, banning racist mascots in public schools, re-designing the racist MA flag and seal, and educating Native youth.

Immigration Justice


Join Cosecha Massachusetts immigrant leaders and their allies as they launch a hunger strike on Monday, 2/3 until the Transportation Committee moves forward with Licenses for All. Undocumented leaders from across the state have been fighting to pass the Work and Family Mobility Act over the past year. It was first introduced fifteen years ago, and the time is now to ensure everyone can drive without fear. They need it voted out of the Transportation Committee, where it has been stuck for months, by Wednesday. There are a variety of ways to support- sign up here to support or donate here.


Massachusetts Jobs with Justice is looking for 20 monthly sustainers to kick off this year! A monthly donation, big or small, helps sustain their organizing for immigrants rights, worker’s rights, and education justice.


Due to legal and organizing efforts, Kim San Mak was able to remain in the US and not be put on the scheduled deportation flight to Cambodia with the 25 Cambodian Americans on Monday, January 13th! However, he is still vulnerable for deportation. We are calling on community members to please support Kim San Mak by making calls throughout the week to the DA's office, and sharing with your networks.


January 27th marked the 3 year anniversary of the initial Muslim Ban announcement. One step you can take today is to demand that Fidelity stop enabling bigotry - sign the petition and learn more.


Despite protests, student Shahab Dehghani was deported from Logan Airport earlier this week, the latest in a series of similar deportations targeting Iranian students. Please read this article sharing stories from some of the students who have been deported and follow Muslim Justice League on Facebook for further information.

SIM DACA Renewal Fund
The SIM DACA fund is being created to provide economic support to DACA recipients in MA. Applicants have to pay $495 in fees for their renewal application. Many members of our community, including DACA folks, live paycheck to paycheck and often are not able to pay for the application fees. We are asking our community to help the DACA recipients here in MA who are part of our community with any monetary support for their DACA renewal application.

Prison Abolition

STOP the Building a new $50,000,000 Women's Prison!

Wednesday, 2/5
8:30am-10:45am (leaving early ok)
1 Ashburton Place, Floor 21, Room 1 - you need an ID to get in the building.
Wear Black.

We need EVERYONE with us at the next Design Selection Board meeting when they will interview 3 competing architecture firms to obtain the $650,000 contract to study converting Bay State into a women's prison at an estimated cost to taxpayers of $50,000,000.

Formerly incarcerated women have been meeting with each firm individually, now we need allies to turn out and support them! Building another prison is expensive, unwarranted, and unethical.

If you plan to attend please email so we can keep you updated.

MONDAY: Final push to #KeepFamiliesConnected

The Public Safety Committee must report out on the bills for Free Phone Calls and Stronger Visits by Tuesday, 2/4. Follow this link to find all the information you need to call the Commitee Chair as well as your own legislators! They need to hear from you again! Please spread the word to 5 friends & get these bills out of committee.

Say NO to Solitary Confinement in MA!

Monday, 2/3
State House Hearing Room A1

We're asking survivors of solitary confinement and allies to show up and say, "enough is enough." We must end solitary confinement in our state! The Department of Corrections has avoided enforcing even minor reforms required by the Criminal Justice Reform Act (2018).

Senator Eldrige's bill (S.2413 An Act to provide criminal justice reform protections to all prisoners in segregated confinement) will further strengthen protections for people subjected to the torture of solitary confinement.

Do You Know Anyone Incarcerated at Souza-Baranowski/Shirley Max?

Community meeting for loved ones:
Thursday, 2/7
Families for Justice as Healing, 100R Warren St, Roxbury

Souza-Baranowski has been on brutal lockdown since January 10. Reports coming out of the prison are deeply concerning: prisoners called the n-word, being beaten unconscious, tased, and more. If you know some locked up there call your state rep and legislator + attend the meeting! Not for allies, friends, family, partners, loved ones only.

Donate Retired Cellphones!

Our friend Jude Glaubman is collecting retired cell phones for women leaving incarceration. If you have phones in usable condition to donate, get in touch with Jude at


Black and Pink’s mission is to abolish the criminal punishment system and to liberate LGBTQ+/HIV+ people through advocacy, support, and organizing.

These drop ins welcome any kind of abolitionist energy, whether reading and entering mail into the database, writing letters, playing cards, or chatting. Formerly incarcerated and court involved people especially encouraged to attend. Cis, straight and/or free world allies are welcome!

Housing Justice


Call your state representative and senator Monday and Tuesday - we need your support NOW for the Tenant Protection Act (H 3924).

You can find a script and more information on facebook.

Remember to report that you called to track our efforts.

25 years after real estate giants organized to ban rent control ordinances in the Commonwealth, rents in many parts of the state have spiraled far out of reach for working families - now in 2020, our rents are WAY TOO DAMN HIGH!

LIFT THE BAN ON RENT CONTROL in our state. It's time to allow MA cities and towns the right to choose the protections from eviction and displacement that make sense for their residents.


The Coalition for a Truly Affordable Boston is organizing to demand bold changes to the city's affordable housing policy to address the crisis of displacement faced by working class communities. 13% affordability is not enough. We need private developers to include 1/3 affordable housing to help our communities thrive, at lower rents & prices we can truly afford. Learn more about the coalition and sign up here for email updates on the campaign.

Canvass Monthly with City Life/Vida Urbana

The SURJ Housing Justice Action Partnership is seeking canvassers to support City Life/Vida Urbana’s anti-displacement work on the third Saturday of every month. Canvassers help CLVU learn about what housing issues are happening locally, and spread the word about City Life so people can connect with housing justice organizing work and legal support. If you are interested in attending a canvass or if you'd like to learn more, please reach out to Brian at

Confronting White Supremacists

No Fascist USA! Webinar

Thursday, Feb 13, 2020 8:00 PM
From SURJ National, join this webinar with Hilary Moore and James Tracy, authors of "No Fascist USA!". This book tells the story of the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee and highlights tactical lessons we can apply to fighting white supremacy today. Register here!

if you plan to join, shoot us an email over at so we can follow up about your experience :).

Grab Yourself by the Bootstrap

Community Change, Inc.

SURJ Boston is a project of Community Change, Inc. (CCI), a Boston-based organization shining a spotlight on the roots of racism in white culture with the intention of dealing with racism at its source.

Get Educated

SURJ Brunch - Fight Voter Suppression Postcard Party

February 9, 12:30pm

We'll have materials and experienced leaders walk us through writing postcards to inform people whose names are on lists to remove them from the voter rolls. Bring a black pen and your most legible handwriting. Potluck so bring food to share if you can. Hot and cold beverages provided. Please RSVP to Amelie Ratliff at for the address.


Sunday, 2/9, 2-5pm
The Democracy Center, 45 Mt Auburn St, Cambridge
partially wheelchair accessible, on site bathroom not ADA compliant

This meetup is meant to hold space for anyone who wants to fight against oppression and discuss its effects on their lives in a community setting. Through the art of active listening in pairs, small, and whole group, we create a safe space and break down the oppressive system through our close-knit relationships. Our usual format for the meetings consists of share outs of our experiences, struggles, and successes, our reflections on our activist work, as well as the sharing of knowledge, resources, and theories. Main topics of the group meetings vary monthly and serve as a framework to expand the discussions of intersectionality of other oppressions--looking forward to seeing you there!

Confronting Systemic Racism

A 5-week course for action planning, community, and skill-building to confront systemic anti-racism and anti-oppression. This course will focus on bridging a deep understanding of personal and structural racism into commitments and a solid plan to move forward. Sign up for another session starting on March 4th here!

Redistribution + Investment Study Group

Join a 4-week (Feb. 18-March 10) study group using a reparations lens to think about redistributing individual and collective wealth, with a focus on the Boston Ujima Project.

Understanding Islam Introductory Course

4 Wednesdays (2/5, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26), 7:00-9:00 PM
Boston Workers Circle, 6 Webster St., Brookline

Understanding Islam: A Muslim Woman’s Perspective on the Essence of Islam, the Diversity of the Muslim World, and its Relationship with the West. This course is designed to bring an alternative voice, and a glimpse of the wider, sweeping, story of the 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. Islam is the fastest growing faith in the world.

Hayat will answer questions such as: Who are we? What do Muslims find so appealing in Islam? What do we believe? What underlies Islamic culture and community? What is our experience with non-Muslims?

Lecture and discussion based. Each session will include a presentation, interspersed with time for questions and answers. Find out more and register here.


Knapsack is a multiracial group hosted by Community Change Inc that is committed to challenging the system of racism in the United States and the world. We engage in dialogue, build community, and support the efforts of racial justice leaders and organizations. We are dedicated to the struggle for shared liberation.

White People Challenging Racism

Moving From Talk to Action: Find classes and sign up on the WPCR website

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