Still Get On the Phone This Week!

Legislative Updates — Keep Up the Calls!

Thank you to everyone for calling your legislators and getting others to do the same. Calls are still needed for this legislative session. We can do this!


The committee vote on the Tenant Protection Act has been postponed until March 31st, so there are 7 weeks left to call your legislators! Read more from Right to the City Boston and find out more information about calling! Remember to report that you called to track our efforts.

support our incarcerated family

Community member calls and lobbying made a huge impact on bills we know will make life better for our people inside and their loved ones. Keep calling your legislators (who you can find by clicking here) to show your support for our incarcerated family.

Stronger Visits - this bill reported out positively in the Senate; in the House study is continued until May. Families need to have dignified visits, with no limits on number of visitors or number of people visited. Maintaining close connections with loved ones is key to successfully returning home and coping with incarceration.

Free Phone Calls - this bill would bring an end to the practice of robbing families in order to pay corporate kickbacks to huge prison services’ companies like Securus. Phone calls must be free! Let your legislators know we demand to stay connected to our people.

Dangerousness Hearings - Our legislators must not support this bill. H. 66/S. 933 expands the use of “dangerousness” hearings to hold more and more people in jail before they have been convicted of a crime. This has been disproportionately applied to people of color and further expansions of the practice are totally inappropriate. Our people need to be on the streets, fighting their cases!

Get Involved

Public Education

Our sincere thanks to all of you who gave feedback to The Boston Public Schools regarding the new superintendent’s vision on Friday!

Please sign the Boston Education Justice Alliance BEJA pledge demanding that all Boston Public Schools have a baseline budget to assure funding for essentials such as clean water, libraries, teachers, counselors, nurses, etc. SURJ as an organization has signed on, but it will be helpful to have as many individuals sign on as we can!

Housing Justice

Let's Get 1,000 Signatures for #OurSuffolkDowns!

Sign PUEBLO East Boston’s petition demanding an emergency meeting with Mayor Walsh! The PUEBLO East Boston Coalition’s demands are for 50% of units at a truly affordable rate of 30% area median income (AMI) and a community benefits agreement that a portion of profits are used for affordable housing and environmental reparations. Sign the petition and share on social media! #OurSuffolkDowns #NuestroSuffolkDowns


The Coalition for a Truly Affordable Boston is organizing to demand bold changes to the city's affordable housing policy to address the crisis of displacement faced by working class communities. 13% affordability is not enough. We need private developers to include 1/3 affordable housing to help our communities thrive, at lower rents & prices we can truly afford. Learn more about the coalition and sign up here for email updates on the campaign.

Canvass Monthly with City Life/Vida Urbana

The SURJ Housing Justice Action Partnership is seeking canvassers to support City Life/Vida Urbana’s anti-displacement work on the third Saturday of every month. Canvassers help CLVU learn about what housing issues are happening locally, and spread the word about City Life so people can connect with housing justice organizing work and legal support. If you are interested in attending a canvass or if you'd like to learn more, please reach out to Brian at

Prison Abolition

Attend Meetings & Support Abolitionist Organizers

If you can attend any of these meetings, please email so we can keep you updated.

Brownsberger’s Oversight Committee - help us keep an eye on what the DOC and sheriff's departments are doing with taxpayer dollars.
Fri, 3/6, 11am
Statehouse, Room 428

Justice Involved Women’s Panel - support formerly incarcerated women in holding this panel accountable for representing the interests of women behind bars: decarceration now, no new women’s jails!
Mon, 2/24, 11am
DOC Headquarters, Milford*
*carpool available, email us (see above)


February 23rd, 4 pm - 6 pm
RSVP to for the address

Celebrate 20 years of funding grassroots prison abolition and justice work in the legal system with Andrea James, founder of the National Council of Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls, and local grantees, including Families for Justice as Healing. Good food and drink, excellent music, fabulous friends, inspiring activists, rockin' program, all for a great cause. If you're a legal justice system activist, we want to celebrate you and with you!

Donate Retired Cellphones!

Our friend Jude Glaubman is collecting retired cell phones for women leaving incarceration. If you have phones in usable condition to donate, get in touch with Jude at


Black and Pink’s mission is to abolish the criminal punishment system and to liberate LGBTQ+/HIV+ people through advocacy, support, and organizing.

These drop ins welcome any kind of abolitionist energy, whether reading and entering mail into the database, writing letters, playing cards, or chatting. Formerly incarcerated and court involved people especially encouraged to attend. Cis, straight and/or free world allies are welcome!

Immigration Justice

Join Us: Making Schools Safe from ICE

On February 27 at 6-8:30PM, join the Student Immigrant Movement, the Unafraid Educators, and youth from the St. Stephen's Youth Programs for a teach-in that will get you caught up on what has been happening to Boston Public Schools' students, the work that has been done around this for the past two years, and how to stay involved through upcoming action steps. For registration and additional info:

Support MJL’s 5th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser

Saturday, 2/29, 7:30-10PM
Celebrate Muslim Justice League’s 5 years of organizing and advocacy in Boston! Can’t attend the celebration? Make an anniversary gift here!


Due to legal and organizing efforts, Kim San Mak was able to remain in the US and not be put on the scheduled deportation flight to Cambodia with the 25 Cambodian Americans on Monday, January 13th! However, he is still vulnerable for deportation. We are calling on community members to please support Kim San Mak by making calls throughout the week to the DA's office, and sharing with your networks.

SIM DACA Renewal Fund
The SIM DACA fund is being created to provide economic support to DACA recipients in MA. Applicants have to pay $495 in fees for their renewal application. Many members of our community, including DACA folks, live paycheck to paycheck and often are not able to pay for the application fees. We are asking our community to help the DACA recipients here in MA who are part of our community with any monetary support for their DACA renewal application.

Grab Yourself by the Bootstrap

Community Change, Inc.

SURJ Boston is a project of Community Change, Inc. (CCI), a Boston-based organization shining a spotlight on the roots of racism in white culture with the intention of dealing with racism at its source.

Get Educated

Confronting Systemic Racism

Starting March 4th, this course will focus on bridging a deep understanding of personal and structural racism into commitments and a solid plan to move forward! Participants will examine their experiential roles in the dynamics of systemic racism and find the next step in framing their roles in social justice movements. The course is geared to talk openly about our lived experiences in a racist and oppressive society as well as move beyond words toward action to dismantle racism, whether in our own personal sphere or in our communities.

Redistribution + Investment Study Group

Join a 4-week (Feb. 18-March 10) study group using a reparations lens to think about redistributing individual and collective wealth, with a focus on the Boston Ujima Project.

Understanding Islam Introductory Course

Wednesdays, March 18 - April 15 (4 sessions, no class April 8), 7:00-9:00 PM
Boston Workers Circle, 6 Webster St., Brookline

Understanding Islam: A Muslim Woman’s Perspective on the Essence of Islam, the Diversity of the Muslim World, and its Relationship with the West. This course is designed to bring an alternative voice, and a glimpse of the wider, sweeping, story of the 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. Islam is the fastest growing faith in the world.

Hayat will answer questions such as: Who are we? What do Muslims find so appealing in Islam? What do we believe? What underlies Islamic culture and community? What is our experience with non-Muslims?

Lecture and discussion based. Each session will include a presentation, interspersed with time for questions and answers.Find out more and register here.


Knapsack is a multiracial group hosted by Community Change Inc that is committed to challenging the system of racism in the United States and the world. We engage in dialogue, build community, and support the efforts of racial justice leaders and organizations. We are dedicated to the struggle for shared liberation.

White People Challenging Racism

Moving From Talk to Action: Find classes and sign up on the WPCR website

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