Another Opening Message from SURJB

"It goes on one at a time,
it starts when you care
to act, it starts when you do
it again and they said no,
it starts when you say We
and know you who you mean, and each
day you mean one more."
    - "The Low Road", Marge Piercy

Whether this is your first time getting our newsletter or your five thousandth, welcome! We hope it will be a resource for us to learn, take action, get more deeply involved, and move our world toward justice.

Feeling overwhelmed? Here are three things you can do right now.

Want to go deeper?

Take to the Streets and Defund the Police


Monday, June 22, 2-5pm, Reggie Lewis Center to the State House
Join Violence In Boston Inc. & Black Lives Matter Boston as we march from the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center to the State House demanding Governor Charlie Baker allocate adequate finding away from Police and towards Social Justice and Violence Prevention.

✊ RDefund BPS

Tuesday, June 23, 3pm at City Hall


Saturday, June 27, 12:30-2:30pm, the State House
The same group that threw the Straight Pride Parade, where activists were brutalized by the police, plans on having a pro-police, anti-protest rally and march at the State House and throughout Boston Common. Once again, we as a city must come together to drown out their hate.

Get Involved

Indigenous Solidarity


After protestors took off his head on June 12, the Christopher Columbus statue in Boston’s “Christopher Columbus” Waterfront Park has been temporarily removed by the City. But Mayor Walsh will not commit to its permanent removal. In solidarity with Indigenous People’s Day MA, please sign this petition to Mayor Walsh and the City Council to demand the permanent removal of the Christopher Columbus statue!

Protect Employee Rights at Trader Joe's

We've heard mixed reports over the last week that Trader Joe's management has been asking employees not to wear any masks or clothes that say "Black Lives Matter". Before taking further action, we'd like to get clarity on what Trader Joe's policy is.

We'd like you to take the following independent actions:

1) Retweet this Tweet from Community Change Inc.

2) If you already patronize Trader Joe's, please ask to speak to a manager the next time you're in a store and ask them what their policy is around staff wearing clothes and masks that say "Black Lives Matter". When you do this, please send an email with what you learn to SURJBostonTJ@gmail.com.

Maine Lobster Feed

💵 Support Grassroots Boston Organizing Through the Maine Lobster Feed

Together, we've raised $5,000 for the annual Maine Lobster Feed! The Lobster Feed supports eight incredible local grassroots organizations:

Another world is possible -- support long-term organizing for justice! Can you help SURJ raise $6000 for the movement in Boston?

Housing Justice

📋 Defund the Police and Fund Youth Jobs!

The Youth Justice & Power Union (YJPU) are calling to defund the Boston Police Department, fund black and brown communities, and fund youth jobs. Sign their petition and see the prison abolition section of this newsletter for even more ways to intervene in the police state.

☎️ Legislation to prevent displacement after the eviction and foreclosure moratorium ends

Housing Court staff estimate 20,000 eviction cases will be filed immediately after the moratorium ends. An Act to Guarantee Housing Stability during the COVID-19 Emergency & Recovery will provide protections for renters and homeowners for a year after the state of emergency is lifted to ensure housing stability beyond the state of emergency. You can read more about the protections the bill will include here. We will provide more information next week about contacting your legislators to urge them to support this bill.

📋 Sign and Share the Housing Guarantee

As Governor Baker rolls out his reopening plan, Massachusetts residents may soon face eviction, foreclosure, and huge amounts of housing debt when the state of emergency officially ends. It's going to take thousands of people to join the housing justice movement calling to:

  1. Ban evictions and foreclosures during the COVID-19 crisis and recovery period
  2. Cancel rent and mortgage payments for all those unable to pay during the crisis
  3. Guarantee that in the aftermath of the crisis renters and homeowners will not face eviction, foreclosure, or pressure to repay impossible levels of housing debt from the crisis
  4. Provide comprehensive support to people who are unhoused or living in overcrowded conditions, including safe isolation for the sick and relocation of people in crowded shelters

Sign and share the Housing Guarantee!

Eviction Help

Are you, or someone you know, worried about getting evicted? Call City Life/ Vida Urbana's hotline.

Prison Abolition


Kimya's House is a re-entry home run by and for formerly incarcerated Black women -- open on time in spite of setbacks from the pandemic.

☎️ 📋 ✊ Abolition Hour

Thursday, June 25th, 12-1 PM
Register for Abolition Hour here
This is a version of our action hours designed to focus on political education and action specifically on ending prisons, policing, and parole. Sign up and bring a friend!

Week 14: Defund BPD and Block the MA Senate from Spending Increases

During Week 14 of Action for Family for Justice as Healing's Building up People Not Prisons Campaign, we will focus on continued efforts to defund the BPD. Furthermore, The MA Senate Ways and Means Committee is considering S.2759 – a bonding bill that could potentially increase spending on prisons and policing by over $170m, taking money away from communities and pouring it into harmful systems of incarceration. Please join us in contacting State Senators to STOP the SPENDING.

The website containing a new list of actions will be updated by Monday! Keep checking back. As ever our weeks will feature:

📋 Sign petitions to support our incarcerated community

✊ Black & Pink Volunteer Drop In

Black and Pink’s mission is to abolish the criminal punishment system and to liberate LGBTQIA2S+ people/people living with HIV who are affected by that system, through advocacy, support, and organizing.

These drop ins welcome any kind of abolitionist energy, whether reading and entering mail into the database, writing letters, playing cards, or just chatting. Formerly incarcerated and court involved people especially encouraged to attend. Cis, straight and/or free world allies are welcome!

Immigration Justice


Support Movimiento Cosecha in their fight for immigrant justice! There are two bills in Ways and Means that we need to move to a vote before the end of the legislative session this July! The two acts are The Work and Family Mobility Act and An Act to Provide Equal Stimulus Checks to Immigrant Taxpayers. Click this link for information on the bills, petitions, and scripts to call and email your legislators!


The SIM DACA fund provides economic support to DACA recipients in MA to help pay the $495 in application renewal fees. Support MA DACA recipients by donating to the DACA Renewal Fund here!

🍎 DefundBosCops Toolkit

The budget process for fiscal year 2021 is coming to a close and the Defund BosCops campaign is preparing for another city council budget hearing on Monday, 6/22, at 12pm. Explore the DefundBosCops Toolkit to learn about the city’s budget process and timeline for BPD funding, stay tuned for updates, and check the Prison Abolition section of this newsletter for more calls from our partners!

Call to Action: Shut Down BCHC and Free Them All

On June 11th, community groups throughout New England filed a formal complaint to the Massachusetts Department of Health and Dartmouth Board of Health and demanded an immediate investigation into Bristol County House of Corrections (BCHC). Now they need community members to follow up and support this demand. Learn more about the public health crisis inside BCHC and take action here.

Public Education

📋 BEJA Petition

Our partner Boston Education Justice Alliance is continuing to fight the state takeover of 15 schools in the Boston Public Schools. If you haven’t done so yet, please sign and share the petition in the Our City Our Schools Campaign.


Unafraid Educators has set up a COVID-19 Relief Fund for students and families in Boston Public Schools who need financial support during this time. Please share the form with those who might need it, and donate to the fund if you are able.

SURJB COVID-19 Mobilization

📋 Tell Governor Baker: Re-opening plan must protect workers and hard-hit communities

Call on Governor Baker to follow baseline measures to protect public health in any reopening plan and ensure that all ongoing discussions of Massachusetts' COVID-19 response and recovery include robust representation of labor, communities of color, seniors, and public health experts from across the state.

☎️ 📋 ✊ Action Hours

Wednesdays in June, 12 to 1 PM

Register here for action hours. This link is recurring, you can choose one or more sessions, and you can register again if you don’t know your schedule yet.

SURJB members will guide participants through an hour of making calls, sending emails, signing up for volunteering, and signing petitions. We hope this helps combat isolation while building social solidarity!

🚗 Driving

In order to simplify outreach about driving opportunities, we want to invite anyone willing to offer this service to our announcements (and clarifying questions) only WhatsApp thread. Click here to join the driving group: Auto-mobilize! We will announce

Joining this thread is a commitment to actively engage and fulfill driving asks. The announcements on this list may not be for general knowledge, do not share anything outside of it without permission.

As this crisis extends, many supply distribution centers are experiencing volunteer turnover, so this is also a great time for you to get in the game if you’ve been on the bench (and we all need to be on the bench sometimes so we can stay fresh!).

✊ 💵 Critical Supplies

SURJB is helping to collect critical supplies for 12th Baptist Church in Roxbury and Cape Verdean Association of Boston. Please email surjbemergencyresponse@gmail.com for porch drop off information in JP, Roxbury, West Roxbury, Dorchester, Allston/Brighton, Belmont, and Cambridge. We're suggesting that folks who utilize the SURJB porch system drop off donations Tuesday before 8 PM and Friday before 8 PM (SURJB drivers deliver donations every Wednesday and Saturday to our partners).

This week, we'd like to highlight donating non-perishable food, toilet paper, disinfectants, and hand sanitizer.

✊ 💵 Dorchester Grocery Distribution

Drop off only at these times: Saturday, 11 AM to 2 PM; Wednesday, 4 to 6 PM; Thursday, 1 to 3 PM. VietAID boxes at 42 Charles Street, Dorchester.

These donations may also be left on SURJB porches.

Take a look at a portion of what you helped donate to VietAID this week! Let's keep it up!

To get connected to more ways to help out, please fill out our community offers survey (if you haven’t yet).

Pledge Your Stimulus Check

Redistributing our stimulus checks as an act of mutual aid is grounded in an understanding of the inequitable systems we all operate within and of the value of everyone in our community, individually and collectively. No-one is expendable; we need each other, and we must support and protect each other.

💵 If you have yet to pledge your check or a donation, you can pledge here.

Fundraising team members will be reaching out to pledgers individually to check when they receive their checks and help them direct their money to featured fundraisers or to individuals referred to us by our partners.

This week, the fundraiser we are highlighting is the Material Aid and Advocacy Program. MAAP's mission is to support and empower community members experiencing homelessness or living in poverty, through material aid, access to resources, and advocacy opportunities.

Grab Yourself by the Bootstrap

Get Educated

🍎 SURJ Boston Brunches

SURJB Brunches - now digital! - are a great place to come together to build community. Each brunch has a different theme and we'll update the dates with topics as we plan them. The brunches will be on the second Sunday of each month from 12:30 to 2:30 PM, except October and December when they will be on the first Sunday. Register for upcoming brunches here.


Knapsack is a multiracial group hosted by Community Change Inc that is committed to challenging the system of racism in the United States and the world. We engage in dialogue, build community, and support the efforts of racial justice leaders and organizations. We are dedicated to the struggle for shared liberation.

🍎 White People Challenging Racism

Moving From Talk to Action: Find classes and sign up on the WPCR website

Community Change, Inc.

SURJ Boston is a project of Community Change Inc (CCI), a Boston-based organization shining a spotlight on the roots of racism in white culture with the intention of dealing with racism at its source.

🍎 Eliminate racial capitalism and the “white problem”

Join Community Change Inc. (CCI) Zoom Calls

In 1968, as a result of the Civil Rights Movement and in response to the Kerner Commission which named racism as "a white problem”, CCI was birthed. CCI promotes racial justice and equity by challenging systemic racism and acting as a catalyst for anti-racist learning and action. CCI accomplishes its mission through education, advocacy and working in solidarity with others to organize for change.

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